Honduras Fair Trade Organic
Honduras Fair Trade Organic

Honduras Fair Trade Organic

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Honduras – Single Origin
Natural – FAIR TRADE & ORGANIC – Cherry, Cola & Berries

Small Batch Roasted in Auckland, NZ.
Light Roast

This is our favourite single origin addition, and it's quite a treat. We are big fans and you can drink it with a good conscience knowing it's fairly traded and also organic.

Our Honduras has a very friendly, smooth, cola nut flavour, paired with cherry and other summer berries. It has such a great peachy colour to it once brewed. We love this blend in our syphon and chemex, but we can't wait to get feedback from you as to how you like to brew it.

Make sure to select your grind setting, or whole beans when you purchase.

We so look forward to your feedback. Please share!


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Honduras –
Fair Trade, Organic

Coffee with a good conscience
Fairly traded Naturally Processed

Country: Honduras

Region: Marcala

Founded: 2001

Members: 1200

Certifications: FLO, SPP, 

Varieties: Catuai, Caturra, Lempira, Pacas

Post-Harvest Processing: Sun dried natural

Elevation: 1200 to 1600 metres

Harvest: December to March

Region Information

COMSA was founded in 2001 by 69 farmers who were seeking ways to make their coffee growing businesses profitable. At the time coffee in Honduras was largely grown in a conventional manner using chemical inputs to support production, volumes were large, quality and prices were low and most coffee went into the ‘commercial’ markets – farmers often could not cover the costs of production. COMSA set out to encourage quality and organic, chemical free agriculture, and over time they have built their volumes and their quality and now the 1200 members produce specialty grade organic coffee and own their own warehouses and processing plant. The group is very focussed on social development as well as the agricultural; they have a primary school and run organic education courses for farmers from other parts of the country and region. In recent years, looking for new, quality focussed markets the cooperative has developed a programme for the production of natural processed coffees – in 2019 when Trade Aid visited, they produced 14 full containers of natural coffee in response to demand.

The coffee has a strong fruity aroma, rich body, good, bold lactic acidity, berry and cocoa flavours. 

Don't take our word for it


Love this coffee! Coming from Wellington where there’s good coffee on every corner, it’s rare to have something that stands out from the crowd like Coffee Untitled does. Highly recommend for your morning brew, especially if you want to start your day off right.

Ruby G.

Wellington, NZ


I ordered the Espresso Blend. The order was shipped the same day I ordered it and I received it the very next day. To have freshly ground coffee (which was roasted just days before as indicated on the pouch) for my plunger coffee is such a treat. The grind is perfect and the taste is exquisite! Highly recommend!

Tiffany R.

Auckland, NZ


SO delicious!! I’m terrible with coffee jargon and describing flavour profiles but I always looked forward to drinking it! Even tried it in the form of a flat white out of curiosity and it didn’t disappoint! Keep doing what you guys are doing

Selena T.

Auckland, NZ


Delicious coffee! We used it on our espresso machine and it made such a great cup. Sent a pack to my mum too as she loves a good fresh filter coffee and she loved it too.

Lisa D.

Auckland, NZ


Through pregnancy and now breastfeeding, I've had to cut right down on my caffeine intake, which was so hard as someone who LOVES coffee! I was fortunate enough to try a cup (or 2) of Coffee Untitled's Decaf Esspresso blend, made by the man himself, Tony, and needless to say, I was sold! The delicate nutty flavour was beyond what I thought possible for a decaf. I have now made it my go-to whenever I need my coffee fix!

Pamela W.

Wanaka, NZ